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FRESH Off the Runway: The 2008 Victoria’s Secret Fashion Extravaganza…Show ;-)

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What a blast! Miami was more than alive tonight as the Fontainebleu Hotel was all a glitter with neon hot pink lights and super bronzed, super bare skin stretching over beautiful glamorous 10 foot models for the 2008 Victoria’s Secret show!! I was so excited, and I thought I was actually going to miss it due to a meeting tonight, and I ACTUALLY thought I was going to have to find some BLANK VHS tape lying around and TAPE it! Old school! No Tivo, gotta pay the rent! But, I ended up not having to go! And I languished in the thought that I could just plop my little 5’4 1/2″ body down on the sofa and watch it like a normal human, messy recording tape-free! And…I did. Usher guest performed and moves better than J.T. even tho he’s older and has fathered a child (not that there was much involved on his part). And it was all together very grand, but ended SO fast! It was like a heart beat and bam it was over!

Yet, I don’t know HOW the organizers do it–it is always somehow more visually satisfying, intriguing, and well-edited than the last show! The guy that edited the models this time was perfect. So, that’s a reminder for next year, —(??), rich Victoria’s Secret director mogul guy, you.

And of course, I had a few favourites. I’ll leave some EYEball candy here for you to gnaw on…er, you know, whatever. Goodnight! xxxooox … X!

Victoria Secret’s Christmas Sexy Time

victorias secret fashion show heidi klum

(ABOVE): Heidi Klum rocked it, biatches. In a big, red, flashy ribbon, might I add.

miranda kerr vs 2008 01

Miranda Kerr, fave Aussie EVA!, rocked it as a beautiful butterfly…with wings;-) I just LOVED this one!

doutzen kroes vs 2008 06

doutzen kroes vs 2008 04

doutzen kroes, our new little angel, looked so pretty<3!! “I want to go to there.” Sorry, just a little quote from 30 Rock. Tina Fey (????) is in my head as I’m watching THIS fashion show? Somethin’s not right there….But I must say, she does have her charms:

See? Not SO off base!

Victoria&rsquo;s Secret 2008 Fashion Show T&amp;A Pictorial

This just in: Arm warmers for winter, and then virtually no clothes! Sure to spread quickly! Go out and get yours!


These two were CUUUTE together. Usher and Adriana the Great.


Wearing this to church sunday. Cover up the neck. It’s sure to be chilly.


Adri sported the 5,000,000 $$$ bra, and quite well. Love the cascading wings. V. clever, team;-)!!

alessandra ambrosio vs 2008 06

Alessandra looks the sex post baby!!! Congrats, girl…On both!!

And the PINK line was so FUN!!!! Go college campuses where we get to dress down like these school kids. Very cool.>>>>


(Upper) my fave fave fave. Leg warmers are BACK baby! (darn it…I was gonna put that in a separate post. Oh well, its out now, and you know!)




<< Just a 2nd reminder that knits are in 😉


Santa baby;-)

Overall, pretty darn fun! Now I’m off to get some beauty sleep. Till next year!

xoxo (again)


Another Blog, Another Procrastinating Blogger. Another WordPressman–er, Chick.

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So, congratulations me, this is my first blog. I’m not really feelin’ it because I set out to write about fashion and pop culture, but all I know about such soliloquies is the stuff I am interested in. And what cult freaks are interested in amazing concerts that vary from M.I.A.>> to John Mayer, audacious designers that vary from Alexander Wang>

Photobucket (he’s on the left, and is just as committed to his creed as he looks, boys and girls) to Betsey Johnson> , to Victoria’s Secret>> to Roberto Cavalli to something some under or over-endowed anime character was wearing>>, and stuff like the weirdest spots in the world (noreply’s bedroom), and…awesome movies>>, and even more awesome novels>>!!?? I’ll tell you who’s interested in it, my new cult. My subscribers. We, the people of WordPress, and such.

So, here’s a little bit about ME <3<3

  • My right hand is always freezing no matter what season, contrasting with my room temperature left
  • I think. A Lot. And hope to do it as a profession, yet get called a writer for having thought to write it down, or hire a person who does that for you (can’t think of their proper title).
  • Consequently, to the first item, I think I am in the beginning stages of arthritis although I am just a sieve of a hot young thing.
  • I enjoy fried rice
  • And love Japanese culture… :3
  • I’m a child of God but don’t mind a wicked indulgence
  • I want to major in everything
  • Which means I am interested in everything and have avid A.D.D. for whichever one I am in the mood for in the moment at which I am being called upon by an urge to do, which would include: Web Design (a new addition to the group), being an assassin like Angelina Jolie in Mr. and Mrs. Smith (which I’m still trying to figure out how exactly to major in), voice acting for Japanese Anime English dubbing, writing, journalism, reporting, computer programming, dance, music, aerospace engineering, and telepathy. None of which I am committed to.
  • Yet, I am a shaving away from a Business Management Degree. So…That has nothing to do with the above. (I know =3)
  • Other than writing, I enjoy a soft blanket and some good tunes to rock me violently to sleep
  • And this was my first blog
  • And I’m strangely attached to 90s Paris fashion
  • UP NEXT: something about someone’s creative achievement that, though I had nothing to do with, I will inevitably judge.