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In Uncategorized on December 20, 2008 at 3:48 am

Oh, come on, I started this blog on the 6th of December! So I took a week off. …Or…two, whatever, It is all good. I admit that I got really mad at WordPress because I made an awesome post and it just got deleted, slapped off the blogosphere, saturated into the thick skull that is the internet, and it just made me mad with anger and hatred and …just…a lot of turmoil and stuff over WordPress and my adorable baby blog. It was so great. I was having one of those things I get where I love something and I want to share it with you—but I just couldn’t remake it right after I’d made it, because the true perfection of the original post, now lost forever, would have been muddled with hidden emo-hate towards the fact that it was all a waste. All the picture posting…the awesome word-play…All, lost. But me and WP had a few days to regroup and readjust our differences and intellectual un-matchingness (mine being much higher) and, so… in a phrase: I’m back.

I was into Miranda Kerr and Russell Brand’s blossoming careers (ok I was just interested in them), still into the latter, but right now I am kind of interested in artsy cinematography, much like, The Spirit, by that guy who made Sin City. I love the muddled colors stressing to get out and the main red theme streaking through it. I mean, don’t you?! Isn’t it just fun?! I wonder how cool that would be to make. Something about me: I kind of want to be a Comp Nerd. Like, but who knows.

So, let’s have a trailer.

Ugh, gimme a fag, I hope that works.

I didn’t know what it was about until watching that latter one just there. Very interesting. Reminds me of my latest fiancé. Anywho.

Screw the embedding codes WHO IS GOING TO GO SEE IT?!

And who’s taking me with them as their date?? Since Russell Brand doesn’t know we’re engaged? He is, after all, a heterosexual man. Not according to popular belief, but according to me and darn good journalism. 😉

And what’s all this about Anne Hathaway getting nominated by that Actor’s Guild in Rachel Getting Married? Did she get acting chops from Meryl Streep and go all deep, starved artist on us?!