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The real reason I quit blogging: Couldn’t post pics.

In Uncategorized on March 9, 2009 at 11:43 pm

And a blog with no pics is . . . no blog at all. But we’ll try again. If it fails, I’ll commit all of you to suicide. You’ll find it obscure and displeasing, just as the experience with no photos coming up was. You know, obscure and displeasing. If that’s a word.

I want to get a crap load of my girlfriends together: Traci, Katy (Perry, oh that’s right), Wendy, MAYBE Terri, Alan (he’ll be the guy mascot) (Eh…then again maybe not. He’s too cute and will steal all the attention away from meh), Cathy (??), Heather (??), Ale, Megan . . . yeah, a lot of them..And just like go on a girls-only-honeymoon!!!!!

This is what the fantasy girls only honey moon would look like, if accomplished.

CRAZY WATER HOUSES by zlg design!

We would subject ourselves to sloth, drunkenness, immodesty, gossip, movies, pillow fights, videos, katy perry karaoke, cooking, and swimming, and loud music, and general lazy drunken fruity drinks insanity! ETC.. And blasting loud club music and inviting the island people to our bash who will then try to sell us weed called Purple Dragon ToeJam.

But I have other stuff to blog about than Maldives, even IF Bardem and Cruz were seen there not long ago, who CARES?*

No, actually, I think I will end on that. Till later when I see you (:

PS I HATE how we have to add pics from our computer files! SO GAY!!

Which reminds me.